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A very kind information. Everything is so clear, concise and step-by-step. You're giving us no excuse to be lazy. Great tips. Thank you.

Gastronome Tart

Thank you! Let me know how it works out if you try it!
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Quay Po Cooks

I wanted to try making puff pastry for a long time but procrastinated because I thought it is very difficult to do. Reading through your recipe, it does not seem so. I think I will try making it. Thanks you so much for this nice tutorial.

Gastronome Tart

There were a couple of times that I forgot to roll it out in one direction. I for sure thought I messed it up. But, it still turned out great. Hard to mess it up I think which helps make it really easy!
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i haven't tried making puff pastry ...i end up just buying it. i thought making it would be harder than this.... thankfully, it doesn't look too hard :)

Gastronome Tart

I usually just buy it as well :) But, I was curious as to whether or not I could tackle it. Surprisingly, its not that hard. Just time consuming. So, although I will most likely still make it from time to time, Im sure there will still be times when I will buy it :)
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Clarkie @ Beloved Green

You are so good, when my recipes call for pastry puff, I usually just buy the store bought kind. I need to stop being so lazy :-)

Gastronome Tart

Thank you Ryan! Your comments are much appreciated. Yes, puff pastry is easy and it truly does have a different taste. Let me know if you try it!
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Beautiful tutorial! I really love the new look of your blog too!!! I have never made my own puff pastry and thought it would be way too difficult. Its good to hear that its not and can be made in big batches. I'm sure homemade tastes much better too! The Gruyère and poppy seed twists sound heavenly too!

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