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Christina Soong-Kroeger

What a fantastic idea - and how beautifully you pulled it off! I adore Spanish food and I've been thinking about a Spanish tapas menu for our upcoming housewarming. This post has convinced me it has to be done. Thank you! :)

Gastronome Tart

Ole indeed!
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Gastronome Tart

Thanks Sandra!
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Gastronome Tart

Thank you! I have yet to actually go to Prague. I heard it is beautiful! I had no idea that they couldnt give their kids Catalonian names! The more I hear about this guy, the crazier he sounds. Thats too bad :(
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Joan Nova

Wonderful...or should I say "Olé"?!! Love your thematic decorations and the chalkboards.

Sandra's Easy Cooking

Ohhh Wowww, you did such an incredible job, I love your cheese with honey and figs, now that sounds awesomely tasty..Congrats on 24x24, loved your idea!!!


Great 24x24!!! Congratulations!!! :-)

I am in love with Spain too... I love everything... the food, the language, the people. I haven't been back there in ages, but Barcelona is one of my favourite European cities (together with Prague). You know that during Franco's regime, people could not name their children with Catalan names??? I think many Catalan people still long for independence, although they had to "settle" for autonomy... ;-)

Great food!

Gastronome Tart

Thanks Ryan! Everything was delicious! I must admit it was difficult! But, the bees are okay! They are super tough! I couldnt believe it!
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You completely ROCK for pulling this off in a HURRICANE! This is gorgeous!!! The food and decorations look amazing and I love the red pepper salad and chicken and ham croquettes! Yum! The figs and cheese with honey look delicious too! I hope your bees fared ok from Irene. Great job!!

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